Module: Network, List of cables
The final module of the program contains a calculation of a list of cables. Maximum 1000 cables can entered in a list.

Kabelberekening Lijst

The load of each cable can be specified as a motor starter, whether direct online or softstarter, a frequency converter etc., or as a feeding group. Also the layout of the cable and the other simultaneous factors ought to be entered.

Kabel++ then calculates two outputs and two drawings (scroll down)

1) Cross-section of each cable
The cross-section of each cable and the initial current are calculated.
The necessary main safety switch of the busbar system is also calculated.
At the end the crosssections of the cableducts are calculated.

2) Energybalance
the power design such as a suggestion for the room layout in the case of a large MCC being combined with a control cabinet;
* the heat discharge. Necessary for the size of an airco unit;
* the CO2 footprint;
* the size of the necessary (e.g. 10 kV) transformer to be installed. The consequences for the starting current of the largest motor are also given.
* the necessary generator power for the total power required, as well as for an emergency generator.

3) Single line diagram
An option is foreseen in addition on the cablelist to generate a single line diagram in DXF format. This drawing can be imported tot Autocad, QCad or other CAD systems that can import DXF.

Single Line Kabelberekening

4) MCC front view drawing

Another option KABEL++ can deliver is an option to draw the front view of the MCC panel in DXF format. This drawing can be imported in Autocad, QCad or other CAD system.

MCC Front

5) I/O list

Next an option is an option to generate an I/O list in CSV format. This CSV spreadsheet can be imported in Excell f.i. and further used in the PLC and SCADA development

I/O list for PLC and SCADA system

6) Data sheets

The last option is an option to generate and edit data sheets for instrumentation, control narrative pages and switchboard specification sheets..