Transformer, generator, mediumvoltage calculation

At any given power needed, the module can calculate a transformer, or several in parallel, with additional generators. Of course, a capacitor battery will also be calculated, as is the cable that connects the transformer(s) and the main busbar.

Kabelberekening Transformator

Transformatoroliegevuld The calculations follow the IEC 60909.
When a needed power at the busbar is entered, Cable++ calculates the needed transformer, up to three in parallel. Of course the needed condensator battery is also calculated, and when calculating the impedances of the medium voltage supply cable are taken into account.
If one or more generators are setup then the programm calculates the extra amount of shortcircuitcurrent.

Throughput from the transformer calculation to low voltage cable calculation
The user can decide to allow the selected (e.g. 10 kV) transformer and the capacitor battery to be connected with the lowvoltage motor cable calculation in order to work out the damping in the cable that is being calculated. This because the impedances of the selected transformer, capacitor and the mains power cables influence the short-circuit length and selectivity.

Print out of the connection of high voltage, via transformers and MCC tot the lowvoltage outlet

Form transformer

Medium or high voltage cable calculation
The cross section of this type of cable can be calculated. Normally, the calculation is done with the power needed for the transformer, but also for any required power consumption.
Of course, the calculation covers the thermic load of the cable, but also the voltage losses and the short-circuit current, maintaining selectivity with the short-circuit current of the transformer.