KABEL++® is a software cable calculation program on Microsoft Windows® to calculate cables inexpensively for the utility and process industries, as well as energy companies and infra. It is in use since 1991 by more  than 2400 companies.

And! completely independent of manufacturers of Cables, Circuit breakers etc.
Updated for the NEN1010 version 2020 and of course provided with function retention calculation and choice of fire classes.

Calculating from a single cable, to doing medium voltage calculations and network analyses.

IEC 60364/NEN 1010/VDE 0100/BS7671 etc.

Our software is updated for the NEN1010 version 2020 and of course equipped for example with function retention calculation and choice of fire classes. Also suitable to calculate a network of distribution boxes for short-circuit current and selectivity. Finally, a solar panel array has been added as a module.


Cable calculation for low voltage and medium voltage, for utility and process industry, as well as energy companies and infra and installers are our customers.


Because we develop the software in-house, we are always open to ideas, and we can respond quickly to developments in the market.


In practice, it often happens that the cable is very long, or needs to feed a very large power, and therefore unexpectedly thick. The setting of the protection is crucial. Various parameters we determine together in consultation to achieve optimal results. The costs for this are indicated under the heading Services.

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The Advanced version has several additional options by default, such as selectivity. In addition, you can extend the software with modules, such as:

Transformer and high voltage calculation
Trunk cable calculation
Distribution network, (incl cable list, energy balance and switchgear length)
Switchgear ventilation

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